They convene for the third time hearing of the Camacaro Hoyos file

The 2nd Control Court of Punto Fijo (Falcón), in charge of Saralee Gómez, convened for the third time the preliminary hearing to decide whether or not to order a trial against eight accused of legitimizing capital, among other crimes.

The group of eight defendants is made up of Edgar Alexander Bermúdez, Max Thompson Pérez (leg amputee), Daniel Alejandra Villavicencio Monasterios, Pedro Javier Villegas González, Jhanor Josué Suárez Matheus (Colonel GNB), Alexis José Rojas Molina, Pedro Rafael Vincent Gómez and Rommer Orlando Gomez Gomez.

These people were detained in Falcón by agents of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) between December 2022 and last January, according to file 2CO-899-2022.

The detainees are associated with César Augusto Camacaro Hoyos, a businessman in the fishing industry and agro-producer. Among the crimes charged are illicit drug trade and money laundering, according to acts signed by prosecutors Anderson Lugo, Eduardo Lugo, Javier Quintero, María de Jesús Palmera, Edgar Maurera and Ronald Rattia.

The first time the hearing was called it was deferred at the request of prosecutors from the Public Ministry and the second time by the court. The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice has said in judgment 112 of 9/30/21 that “when the Public Ministry does not appear, repeatedly and unjustifiably, at the preliminary hearing, it incurs an administrative fault.”

The hearing called for this Tuesday, occurs 17 days after the Criminal Chamber of the TSJ rejected a request to file the Camacaro Hoyos file in another entity other than Falcón, according to an approach made by the prosecutor Javier Quintero Gómez.

The magistrates concluded that Quintero Gómez did not record any means of proof that in its content could determine a state of alarm, capable of influencing the normal development of judicial activities in the Falcón state, where the file rests.

In relation to this criminal process, on April 28, the General Inspectorate of the GNB opened an ordinary procedure against the major of that component Diego Armando Perche Párraga, “who would be one of the key pieces that collaborated for an alleged extortion of the that he would be a victim” Camacaro Hoyos.

As support for this disciplinary investigation, the National Anti-drug Command collected information published on a digital portal where they broadcast a recording of an alleged conversation between Major Perche Párraga and Camacaro Hoyos.

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