The US will evaluate Ortega's persecution of the Catholic Church

They condemn the suffocation of the Church: “It is being robbed, swindled, by two thieves and satanic dictators”

The recent repressive escalation undertaken by the dictatorships of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, in which they ordered the freezing of the bank accounts of various Nicaraguan Dioceses, is “a robbery, a scam” carried out by the two thieves and satanic dictators, it was the assessment made by a priest in exile.

The priest, who for security reasons requested to keep his identity confidential, told Article 66 that the suspension of the accounts of the Church is a “confiscation” of the alms that the Nicaraguan people have contributed to their parishes.

«La Chayo (Rosario Murillo), the Sandinista dictatorship, stole the alms from the people, what the people give to maintain the parishes, they left them at zero. What are they going to pay for water and electricity with? I don’t know », she reproached.

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Firmly, the priest, who had to leave Nicaragua to save himself from Ortega’s repression, directly accused the dictator Daniel Ortega and the deputy dictator Rosario Murillo of having ordered “the robbery against the Catholic Church, because they are thieves, that It is what they are, thieves,” he reiterated.

“La Chayo, we know that she is satanic, she is a witch, she has a hatred against the Church, that hatred comes from Satan and she wants to make the Catholic Church disappear in Nicaragua. She is suffocating her », accused the priest.

He warned that, after this attack by the dictatorship against the religious institution, more repressive actions could come, such as the confiscation of vehicles from priests and bishops, the dispossession of rectory houses and other property belonging to the Church.

Given the freezing of bank accounts, the priest called on the parishioners to support their parishes so that they can comply with the payments for basic services. “I invite Nicaraguan Catholics to support their churches, ask their parents for receipts and go pay them yourself, because they took everything away,” he said.

Strong criticism of bishops and CEN

The religious was critical of the ecclesiastical authorities. He rebuked their silence in the face of so many outrages against the Christian institution and its pastors.

“It is sad to see that once again the Episcopal Conference, at this point, has not manifested itself, the people already feel like sheep without a shepherd, frankly, because that silence of the Episcopal Conference is no longer prudent, or they are sold or they are afraid, Or they are already Sandinistas. Any of the three options makes them accomplices,” he noted.

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He reminded the members of the CEN that the bishops of Nicaragua in the 1980s did not allow themselves to be intimidated by the Sandinista dictatorship of that time, and that they remained firm defending the people, however, “those of now have disappointed us, the clergy is disappointed. As we popularly say in Nicaragua, everyone takes care of their skin, because the bishops do not stand up for any priest, it hurts to say it, but it is the reality,” he said, while acknowledging the courage and sacrifice of Monsignor Rolando Álvarez, who did not he bowed to the threats of the dictatorship and ended up in jail where he remains dignified and strong.

«The dictatorial government (Ortega-Murillo) has gone as far as it has been allowed to go. This has already passed human reason, this already offends the understanding, and as the Pope said, (Ortega) is a guarango, “he concluded.

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