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They collect tons of garbage in a clandestine dump installed on the way to Mbigua

The Urban Services Directorate of the capital commune promoted a garbage collection mega operation of a clandestine dump installed in the area known as the road to Mbigua.

This space is located a few meters from Avda. Costanera Norte and it was being used continuously to dump solid waste irregularlybreaching the municipal and environmental regulations.

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It is presumed that the indiscriminate dumping is made by people whousing motorcycles and trucks, They are engaged in garbage collection.which later deposited completely clandestinely.

With machinery supportproceeded to removal of several tons of garbage of this public space, within the framework of the works that have been promoted by the municipality to eliminate unauthorized dumping.

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Citizenship is urged to avoid resorting to this type of servicegiven that greatly harm health and the environmentalso remembering that for the removal of household waste, the Directorate of Urban Services provides coverage in the 68 neighborhoods of the capital.

The entrance They collect tons of garbage in a clandestine dump installed on the way to Mbigua was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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