They collect 10 tons of garbage in the busiest square in Ilo

They collect 10 tons of garbage in the busiest square in Ilo

This weekend, 200 members of different private and public institutions carried out an environmental cleanup campaign in which 10 tons of garbage (plastic bottles, tires, remains of dead animals, etc.) were collected on the Pozo de Lisas beach near Ilo city.

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The activity took place in commemoration of the International Beach Cleaning Day and with the purpose of raising awareness and caring for the environment.

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Among the institutions that participated are the Provincial Municipality of Ilo (Maintenance of Green Areas and the Deputy Management of Public Cleaning), the Port Authority, the Peruvian Army, the mining company Southern Peru, Anglo American, among other entities.

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Pozo de Lisas beach is the busiest during the summer months, between November and March, due to the gentle slope, the abundant sand and restaurants around it. Visitors arrive from Tacna, Puno, Moquegua and the regions of Bolivia.


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