Citan las objeciones del PLD al proyecto de Fideicomiso

They cite the objections of the PLD to the Trust project

Two of the aspects that Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) claims that they be annulled in the Public Trust Law project are those that allow the trustee to establish the amount of the contracts or tenders, and the one that empowers them to contract debt for the administration of State assets without the authorization of the National Congress.

The confrontation generated this week by this bill of the Executive Power between the legislators of the PLD and those of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party focuses on the fact that the opposition affirms that the Government will use it to privatize state assets and in response, the perremeists indicate that the PLD fears the regularization of administrative processes.

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The project has already been tested in the Senate of the Republic. It is pending approval in the Chamber of Deputies, where it is expected to be known in the sessions called for January 10, 11 and 12 of next year.

The character of the settlor is with respect to the goods or rights that are part of the patrimony, with the objective of managing, implementing or executing works, goods, services or projects of public interest. The assets of the trust belong to the State and the fiduciary operations, according to article 5 of the draft laws, They have public participation.

The initiative establishes that the Executive Branch, through its public entities, acting as settlor, trustee or beneficiary, may enter into public trust contracts, in accordance with the provisions of this law. The Executive Power is the one who will conclude contracts of public-private partnerships.

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