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They charge a driver who transported 1,700 liters of contraband fuel

Prosecutor Fernando Galeano charged Roberto Carlos Espínola Rojas (28) for allegedly committing the punishable act of smuggling after his arrest by police officers from the National Police Economic Crimes Division.

On the occasion, Espínola was transporting several drums of gasoline and diesel on board a van, totaling 1,700 liters, not having the supporting documentation that demonstrates the origin of the product.

In addition, the precarious form of transportation, as well as the lack of vehicle authorization for this purpose, made the Public Ministry presume the commission of the alleged punishable act of smuggling.

The defendant gave an investigative statement and stated that he was hired by a person he knows by the nickname “Quili” to transport the fuel drums from the town of Mayor Otaño (Itapúa) to Los Cedrales (Alto Paraná).

He also stated that he would charge the sum of 200,000 guaraníes for the freight. However, he was intercepted and apprehended by police officers with the evidence.

Finally, the head of the Specialized Unit in the Fight against Intellectual Property and Specialized against Smuggling Crimes opened the criminal process against Roberto Carlos Espínola, who remained at the disposal of the Court.


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