They charge 20 people apprehended in “Operation Transfer”

The Section for Crimes against the Economic Order of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office indicted four people for money laundering and financial crimes, and another 16 for financial crimes, achieving the sentence of one person to 48 months in prison, all apprehended during the operation “Transfer ».

Regarding the precautionary measures, the Guarantee Court applied the arrest of one person, the house arrest of 3, periodic report and impediment to leave the country to 13 and mediation by the victim with the accused to 2.

Several of these measures granted by the Guarantee Judges were appealed by the Prosecutors who participated in the hearings.

The defendants were apprehended on Tuesday, April 18, 2023, through various search procedures at different points in the provinces of Panama and Panama West, carried out by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation in conjunction with the National Police.

These people allegedly belong to a criminal group that maintains an operational cell in charge of recruiting people to carry out thefts inside vehicles and also to create notices of operations and then be able to acquire mobile sales points (MPOS) in the different banks of the country, this with the in order to be able to use stolen credit cards in MPOS of your trust.

This operation is related to 40 complaints of theft, where the facts investigated take place between 2021 and 2022, where the victims parked their cars in very specific places in Panama City to go to practice some sport, and for Therefore, they do not carry their personal documentation, nor credit or debit cards with them, they are easily stolen. When they are inside the vehicles, the owners of these become aware of being warned about the use of their cards, through fraudulent transactions carried out at certain points of sale, regardless of the time, even when some of these are not even there. working.

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