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From the Blood Center of the Hospital de Clínicas of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNA, they promote to join the great extra-hospital or extra-mural blood donation campaign, which has been going on for 7 years. The objective is to add companies and institutions that make up the blood donor club, and thus help people who need transfusions for their recovery treatment.

We carry out out-of-hospital blood donation days; This means that the Blood Bank of the Hospital de Clínicas goes to the company or institution, with all its furniture and equipment for extraction; we take care of all the costs”, explained Dr. Natalia Cazal, Head of the Blood Center.

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The professional pointed out that the participation of people, of donors, in these campaigns is due to altruism, not because it is aimed at a particular patient. Data provided by the same indicate that in Paraguay only 15% respond to voluntary altruistic donation, on the other hand, replacement donation is the predominant one, reaching almost 85%, so the bet is to promote extra-mural or extra-hospital donation.

People do not have the obligation to donate, they donate because they want to, so they are more committed to the cause; they know they have to be healthy people and lead a healthy lifestyle. We aim at voluntary altruistic donation because the percentage of viral serology is very low compared to replacement donation, which means that the donor who comes to replace the blood is forced to donate and his serology is very high, compared to the altruistic donor. , then we bet on voluntary extra-hospital altruistic donation because the percentage of positive serology is very low, that is, it is safer blood for the patient”, he referred.

He also commented that the campaign offers altruistic voluntary donors, blood transfusion coverage, in the event that they need it, be it in the hospital where they are, public or private. Likewise, in cases of blood collection for a sick family member at the Hospital de Clínicas, the official of the company or institution can contact the Blood Bank of the nosocomio, and the extraction staff agrees on the day to go, provided with effects equipment.

We manage ourselves like this, they help us and we help them when they need it, it is a way of working that we have been carrying out for quite some time”, explained Dr. Cazal.

The companies attached to the Donors Club and the Blood Center of the Hospital de Clínicas are Amandau, Lasca, Terport, Super Foam, NGO, Bristol, the Electoral Tribunal, Vidriocar, as well as private universities and the 12 academic units of the National University of Asunción, who are loyal donors of the Hospital de Clínicas of the FCMUNA. Likewise, the Municipality of Asunción joins the cause by forming the great family of blood donors.

Companies or institutions interested or who want to be part of this donation system can call or leave a message at (0986) 259180, line of the Blood Center of the Hospital de Clínicas of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNA.

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