They caught two of the band El Dominguito in Barquisimeto

Two members of the gang “El Dominguito” from the state of Yaracuy, San Felipe, who came to commit robberies at health facilities in the center of Barquisimeto, capital of the state of Lara, were apprehended by the Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigations Corps (Cicpc ).

They are Domingo Alberto Carrillo Contreras (38) nicknamed “El Dominguito” and Eleazar Antonio Gómez Pérez (36) alias “El Enano”.

Gómez Pérez was requested according to official letter 2011-002913, dated 06/22/2011, issued by the Third Court of Control of the state of Lara, for the crime of aggravated robbery and escape, he also has files for vehicle theft, for taking advantage of things from crime and kidnapping in the Cicpc Barquisimeto delegation.

While Carrillo Contreras reports a file for generic theft, opened by the delegation of that same detective body but in Ocumare del Tuy, as well as by the Valles del Tuy extension of Miranda state. Also for drugs in the Yaritagua (San Felipe) delegation.

Such details of the investigation were offered by the commissioner general Ilán Santander, head of the Cicpc San Juan Delegation located in Barquisimeto.

Those in charge of the capture procedure were the officials attached to the Coordination of crimes against property, specifically the theft brigade of the already mentioned delegation, “after arduous work of field investigations, intelligence, analysis and monitoring of film cameras located in different commercial establishments of this city, as well as interviews with witnesses, and taking into account the modus operandi”, they managed to identify and verify the active participation of the aforementioned subjects, said Santander.

Recalling that the prisoners, at the time of the Panorama optics robbery, generated a hostage situation “where once all the State Security Organizations made an appearance, they managed to flee the site, leaving no trace of their location.”


As for the owners who are victims of robberies by the aforementioned criminals, there is a dentist from the Comprehensive Dentistry unit; a trader from the Betesda clinical laboratory and an optometrist from the Panorama optician who was with two other shopkeepers at the time of the robbery.

C/G Santander reported that another member of the gang nicknamed “El Gordo” has yet to be fully identified, and only handles his name, Yolber.


On Tuesday, April 26, they perpetrated a robbery at the Comprehensive Dentistry office, located on Carrera 18 between Calles 27 and 28, in front of the BOD bank in the municipality of Iribarren (Barquisimeto).

Almost a month later, on May 23, the Betesda clinical laboratory was robbed on Carrera 1 and Calle 4 in the Morán urbanization.

On July 28 at five in the afternoon, the gang “El Dominguito” perpetrated the third robbery, at the Panorama optician also located in Barquisimeto.


“El Enano” was arrested when he was found on Calle 9 with Carrera 24 on public roads, Catedral parish, Iribarren municipality at 04:30 in the afternoon, on Friday, August 12; on his part, “El Dominguito” when he was passing through the Cimarrón Andresote highway, adjacent to the El Cardenalito toll at 07:00 pm on the same Friday.


Between the two criminals they accumulated the following evidence that was in their possession at the time of the apprehension: a cell phone, Samsung brand, Galaxy model, a Toyota brand vehicle, Corolla model, green, AD320PD plates, it is requested for incrimination, according to file K-22-0008-00457, for the crime of attempted robbery.

In addition, a Skygo brand motorcycle, black, AD3T45M plates, an industrially manufactured firearm, with no apparent make or model, gray, with a brown wooden stock and handguard, with no visible serial number, plus a capsule, of red color, no visible mark.

The procedure was in charge of the First and Tenth Prosecutor’s Offices of the Public Ministry in the state of Lara.

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