They caught one of those who cut the throat of a nurse

They caught one of those who cut the throat of a nurse

One of the subjects accused of beheading the nurse Edgar Simón Ramos González (44), was arrested by Cicpc agents.

According to the report published by the scientific police, the detainee is identified as Daniel Isaías Fernández Pérez, 18 years old. This subject planned, together with a 15-year-old teenager, to seize a cell phone from Ramos González.

Thus, on August 8, Ramos González invited these two friends to share a few drinks, as they used to do. They met at the facilities of the National Open University, located in El Recreo, San Fernando de Apure.

In the middle of the drinks, Daniel took out a white weapon and stuck it into Edgar’s neck, killing him immediately. Both the murderer and his accomplice fled the site taking the deceased’s cell phone. The Cicpc is still searching for the teenager.

murdered in his house

Another teenager involved in a homicide was arrested by Cicpc officials. She is a 17-year-old girl, captured along with Elvis Efrén Guerra Osuna (27), who allegedly perpetrated the murder of Rogelio José Pérez Hernández (47), director of Puerto Sucre.

This crime occurred on the night of August 7 in the victim’s home located on Turipiare street in the town of Güiria, Sucre state. In that place was Rogelio, the 17-year-old teenager, Elvis, Joseth Gregorio Pérez Cavalho (29) and Gustavo Junior Laya Tenorio (37). These last two are on the run. Rogelio was meeting them that same day.

One of the subjects realized that Rogelio had valuables and they agreed to steal it. To do this, the teenager tried to seduce the man while his other classmates subdued him using physical force. And it is there that Laya Tenorio attacked Rogelio with a knife, injuring him in several parts of the body, a situation that caused his death in that place.

The criminals took a gold chain, a firearm and a laptop from Rogelio’s home.

The scientific police recovered a Redmi cell phone, a personal agenda, four stab handles, a knife, a stab cutting blade and clothing, the report says.

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