They caught a subject accused of murdering four members of a family

Agents attached to the Police Coordination Center 6 of the Portuguesa state police captured Abraham Antonio Manzanilla Henríquez (33), accused of murdering four members of a family with a knife, according to police sources.

The arrest of the man occurred in Paramito, Sucre municipality (Biscucuy), Portuguesa. Manzanilla Henríquez presented an arrest warrant issued by the 6th control judge of Trujillo, Lizyaneth Martorelli, according to official letter No. C7-06-06-2023.

Said arrest warrant occurs after the quadruple homicide attributed to Manzanilla Henríquez, which occurred last Sunday in the El Perico sector, Campo Elías municipality, Trujillo.

That day the subject broke into the Graterol family home and attacked them with a machete. As a result, Damacio Graterol Morón (83), María Paula Graterol Morón (67) and Petra María Graterol Morón (70) died at the site.

A fourth person was admitted to the Rafael Rangel hospital, located in Boconó (Trujillo), where he died this Monday morning, according to reports. This fourth victim was identified as Medardo José Delgado Graterol (44).

The arrest of Manzanilla Henríquez was notified to the 1st prosecutor of the Public Ministry of the Judicial district of the Portuguesa state, lawyer Javier Uscategui.

The detainee is a native of Tinaco (Cojedes), but resided in El Perico, house without number, Campo Elías (Trujillo), the same sector where the bloody event occurred with the four murdered.

Manzanilla Henríquez has three files that appear in the Police Investigation System: K-22-0237-00105 for theft that occurred in Boconó (Trujillo) on 06-29-2022; K-20-0237-00009 (serious personal injuries, San Juan de los Morros, 01-17-2020) and K-15-0237-00157 (destruction of vegetation on the slope, Boconó, 02-27-2015).

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