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They carry out work to restore telecommunications services in parishes in Caracas

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Ejecutan labores para restituir servicios de telecomunicaciones en parroquias de Caracas

Technical personnel from the National Telephone Company of Venezuela (Cantv), in coordination with members of the Telecommunications Technical Boards (MTT), carry out tasks focused on guaranteeing the optimal functioning of fixed telephony and Internet services in homes and businesses in the El Recreo and La Vega parishes in Caracas.

The tasks are carried out by the specialized personnel of the state company, for the progressive recovery of the aforementioned services to more than 1,500 users of Avenida Juan Bautista Arismendi and Calle Negrín of the El Recreo parish, as part of the Breakdown Resolution Plan.

Similarly, the company carries out corrective maintenance work in the La Vega parish, in order to once again guarantee connectivity to 500 residential and commercial subscribers on El Carmen, La Justicia and Zulia streets.

These approaches contemplate the replacement of cables affected by humidity, reconstruction of splices and verification of telephone lines. In this sense, Cantv, attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology, continues to be deployed in the Capital region with the aim of guaranteeing the provision of telecommunications services to residential areas and productive sectors.

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