They carry out searches in La Nueva Joya, seize several firearms and ammunition

Through intelligence information and rapid security operations, prison guards seized four firearms in La Nueva Joya in the last week; additional, 202 firearm ammunition, six cell phones, bags with presumed illicit substance, cigarettes and pieces of saw blades.

The first seizure was on Thursday 25 in Sector B, when a prisoner was neutralized who, seeing guards on their constant tours, threw an object into one of the cells. When the cell was checked, two firearms were found. While on Sunday the 28th, two other firearms were removed from circulation in a requisition, this time in Sector D.

Euclides Joel Castillo G., General Director of the Penitentiary System, stated that they maintain strong security operations in all the penitentiary centers of the country, to prevent the entry of prohibited substances and articles, with the purpose of maintaining healthy coexistence among the penitentiary population.

The Director stressed that the Department of Prison Security will maintain constant patrols in La Nueva Joya and will continue to reinforce security controls.

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