Efectúan simulacro de desalojo en Centro Educativo Arturo Michelena

They carry out an eviction drill at the Arturo Michelena Educational Center

From the Arturo Michelena Initial Educational Center, located in the 23 de Enero parish, members of the Capital District Fire Department carried out an eviction drill, aimed at students of the institution.

The information was reviewed by the Government of Caracas through social networks. These activities are carried out with the intention of teaching girls and boys the actions that must be taken when some type of natural disaster occurs, such as fires, earthquakes, landslides, landslides, among others.

Among the recommendations of specialists, in a natural disaster situation while you are at home, we have: Choose spaces in the house that have greater resistance and stay in them, identify evacuation routes that offer greater security and speed when leaving home or get away from high-risk places, set responsibilities for each family member to disconnect electrical appliances in operation, or run, not shout or push, or improvise escape routes, because with the inspections carried out by the brigade corps in the affected space, evacuation routes are determined that provide greater security to citizens and finally, agree on a meeting point.

In the case of this type of situation in public spaces, the experts recommended listening carefully and obeying the instructions of the personnel of the civil protection brigade, going to the indicated exits, without running, pushing or shouting and trying to remain calm. in these situations, because the euphoria of the moment would endanger the lives of the people involved.


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