They captured one of the main drug dealers in Tenjo

The authorities in Tenjo, Cundinamarca, announced that as a result of the operations carried out in that municipality, a young man was captured who is pointed out by the community and researchers as being one of the main drug dealers in the region.

This is a 20-year-old man, allegedly involved in several cases of theft, illegal possession of weapons and attempted murder.

“In an operation carried out with the National Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, search and search procedures were carried out on the property where he lived. aka Mechudo or ‘Juan Pablo’”, said Daniel Cárdenas, Secretary of Government of Tenjo.

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This diligence took place in the village of Churuguaco Alto, in whose house other elements were also found reported as stolen by the local community.

“During the diligence, a bicycle was seized that was listed as stolen, 20 dosing bags with marijuana ready to be marketed in Tenjo, a tablet from the Educar program and several cell phones”added the official.

The captured also must face the crimes of trafficking, manufacturing, possession of narcotics and reception, while he was transferred to the Immediate Reaction Unit, URI, in Madrid.

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The investigations of the authorities also indicate that this young man, Apparently, he would be part of a gang dedicated to armed robbery, whose victims were ordinary citizens or Tenjo business establishments.

However, everything seems to indicate that the last crimes he would have committed alone, before the capture of the other members of the criminal gang.

A few days ago this gang was dismantled after the capture of alias Barroso and alias Brandonin operations carried out on May 9,” explained Cárdenas.

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In this way, the Secretary of Government of Tenjo stressed that these operations will continue on a regular basis, since This municipality bets on being the safest and with the least crime rates in Cundinamarca.

Due to the above, Cárdenas also called for the community to denounce the members of these gangs or to any citizen who goes against what the law establishes.

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