They captured Arturo Cárdenas, ‘Pinturita’, leader of Peru Libre linked to ‘The dynamics of the center’

alias ‘Pinturita’, right-hand man of the founder of Peru Libre, Vladimir Cerrón, and who remains included in the list of the most wanted for his alleged participation in the criminal network was captured today.

The Ministry of the Interior (Mininter) reported this Monday that Arturo ‘Pinturita’ Cárdenas was captured in Huancayo, wanted for the crime of criminal organization in the Los Dinámicos del Centro case.

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Arturo Cárdenas Tovar, who had been a fugitive since October 6 of last year, is one of the trusted men of Vladimir Cerrón, secretary general and founder of Peru Libre.

They captured Arturo Cárdenas, 'Pinturita', leader of Peru Libre linked to 'The dynamics of the center'

The number two of the pencil party was not there since Judge Jorge Chávez Tamariz issued 36 months of preventive detention for five involved in the Los Dinámicos del Centro case. In addition to Cárdenas, there are Eduardo Bendezú, Waldys Vilcapoma, Eduardo Reyes and Francisco Muedas.

Precisely, On the night of last Sunday, April 3, the National Police (PNP) captured Waldys Romualdo Vilcapoma Manrique after an operation to lock down and search his home located in Huancayo.

The operation was carried out by agents from Diviac and Digimid, and was also attended by prosecutor Bonnie Bautista, from the second office of the Junín Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the case.

S/50,000 was offered for Vilcapoma Manrique’s whereabouts, according to the Ministry’s rewards program. The former Junín region official was found at his home after law enforcement officials received information that he was hiding in his home.

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