They capture three swindlers and two abusers in the province of Coclé

A series of raids carried out in different parts of the province of Coclé, such as the village of Antón, the district of Penonomé and Aguadulce, resulted in several people being detained for various crimes, according to Liliana López, head of the police zone of the cocle province

“These proceedings were carried out in the districts of Penonomé and in the district of Aguadulce, where 5 citizens were apprehended, two of them involved in the crime against economic assets in its fraud modality and three of them for the crime against legal and family order, in its form of domestic violence,” López said.

He stressed that one of the citizens apprehended in the fraud modality was dedicated to offering vehicles and when he collected the money, the good was not delivered to the person who paid the cash.

The head of the Coclé police zone called on the population to be attentive to this type of scam and that when a transaction is made, there is always a guarantee that the good will be received, for example, guaranteeing that the payment is on delivery or that the transfer formalities are carried out before making any deposit of money.

In addition, in one of the cases of domestic violence, a total of 12 shotgun cartridges were found in his residence. All the detainees were placed under the orders of the corresponding authorities to determine responsibilities.


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