They capture dissidents for the attack that left seven policemen dead in Neiva

They capture dissidents for the attack that left seven policemen dead in Neiva

The Army’s Fifth Division confirmed the capture of two dissidents accused of being members of the residual organized armed group Frente Ismael Ruiz, who apparently commit crimes in the south of Tolima, and of being the alleged perpetrators of the attack with explosives against seven soldiers attached to the Neiva Metropolitan Police, in the district of San Luis, on September 2.

“Among those captured is alias ‘Trasnocho’ or ‘Sombrerón’, presumed coordinator of the mobility corridor between Tolima and Cauca, and would be a member of the Support Network component for residual structures; likewise, alias ‘Tomate’ was captured, accused of being the head of this Front’s commission,” said the Fifth Division.

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Similarly, alias ‘Trasnocho’ is singled out for allegedly participating in driving members of the armed men of the Ismael Ruíz Front, to the scene where the attack on the policemen was committed.

These raid operations were developed in the village of La Estrella, municipality of Planadas, and in the village of Santiago Pérez, rural area of ​​Ataco, in the department of Tolima, where it was possible to seize war material, quartermaster, communications, explosives and propaganda alluding to the GAO-r (Western Coordinating Command).

Regarding his criminal recordare designated for conspiracy to commit an aggravated crime for the purpose of homicide and terrorism.

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With this capture, one more step would be taken in the investigation into the attack against the uniformed men, almost two months after the events were recorded. At the time, the Directorate of the National Police had confirmed that no reward would be offered to find those responsible.

Fortunately there is a survivor, an auxiliary of the institution, who is still contributing his version to advance the investigations in the south of Neiva.

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