They capture a driver of the Protection Unit for cocaine shipment

They capture a driver of the Protection Unit for cocaine shipment

In recent days, the capture of Manuel Castañeda, driver of the National Protection Unit, UNP, in Cauca, was carried out after retaining a van of the entity in which he a drug dog found 168 packages of cocaine.

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Initially, Casteñada refused to be searched while he was traveling along the road that leads from La Plata to Popayán, arguing that he was an ex-policeman and had a protected person in the car.

Castañeda is a former police subintendent, assigned to one of the security schemes of a former UNP official: Ronald Rodríguez Rozo, former deputy director of protection of the entity.

Previously had reports for an illegal shipment in another vehicle of the entity on August 20 in Pereira, Risaralda. The authorities are investigating whether this would be the indication of a drug trafficking network that would be operating in the state.

The director of the @UNP, Augusto Rodríguez, asks the Attorney General of the Nation and the authorities to protect the life of the driver Manuel Antonio Castañeda who was driving the immobilized vehicle in Caloto, Cauca, with cocaine inside.“, wrote the UNP on social networks.

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According to inquiries from EL TIEMPO, for himIt is clear to the researchers that it is not a coincidence that Castañeda Bernal appears in the two episodes. And the hypothesis is reinforced by the fact that, in addition to the cocaine, this time dozens of UNP caps and badges were found that were being used to move cocaine shipments without being seized at checkpoints.


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