They capture a 65-year-old woman who sold drugs in Huancayo markets

They capture a 65-year-old woman who sold drugs in Huancayo markets

He went to the market not only to make purchases, but also to sell drugs. When police officers from the Huancayo Department of Investigation Against Organized Crime (DEPINCCO) arrested her, they found four paper wrappers (ketes) with cocaine in her purse. Angélica Francisca Zúñiga Tapia (65) (a) “La Seño”, was arrested for alleged illicit drug trafficking.

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According to the Police, the sexagenarian would be part of the band “Los Señores De La Merca” that sells drugs in the Mayorista, Modelo and Ráez Patiño markets in Huancayo.

At 11:40 a.m. Francisca Zúñiga (65) was apprehended at Jr. Pachacútec and Carretera Central in the district of Pilcomayo. The woman who walks slowly as if she were sick, intelligence agents were already following her steps.

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The band “Señores de la Merca” would be made up of “La Seño”, “Snaider” and “Cano”, who distribute and sell narcotics in different markets and also for delivery. Two hours earlier, the “Grupo Terna” policemen, at Av. Ferrocarril and Jr. Cajamarca, captured Claudia Julia Vargas Espinoza (62), who hit Jesusa Sacha H. (59) with her elbow, so that her partner Juan Guillermo Lima Segovia (59), stole her purse and hid it in the shopping bag. The policemen subdued the couple.

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