They capture 8 people with a partially looted plane in Charallave

They capture 8 people with a partially looted plane in Charallave

Officers of the Vehicle Theft and Theft Division of the Bolivarian National Police arrested 8 people, from whom they seized a plane requested for drug trafficking.

The seizure was in sheds 1 and 2, located in the Caujarito de Charallave sector, a road that connects with the town of Santa Teresa del Tuy, Cristóbal Rojas municipality in Miranda state, on Tuesday afternoon.

The police actions carried out by chief supervisor Jonathan Torres indicate that the commission was carrying out an inspection when they noticed the irregular event in the sheds, where the facilities of the Mercantile Society “Comercializadora de Metales las Sietepoderes” operate, CA

At the scene they seized a partially looted plane, white with blue stripes, Piper brand, Seneca II model, initials YV1410.

The aircraft is involved in the crime of illicit trafficking in narcotic and psychotropic substances, it was requested by the Twenty-Fourth Prosecutor’s Office (24th) of the Zulia State Judicial Circuit and by the Sixth Control Court of the Zulia State Criminal Judicial Circuit, according to the case. No. 6C-22.343-09 of May 31, 2009.

During the police action, they also seized two vans, a truck with its three transporters (bateas), a truck, six cell phones, three melting furnaces, 21,000 liters of diesel and 120 tons of strategic material.

The troops captured eight citizens who were in the sheds.

The police continue the investigations and look for other subjects involved in the case. The Nineteenth Prosecutor’s Office (19th) of the Public Ministry was aware of the procedure.

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