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They call on the citizens to install a peaceful vigil in Christ and receive 2023; ask the police not to repress

They call on the citizens to install a peaceful vigil in Christ and receive 2023; ask the police not to repress

December 31, 2022, 20:21 PM

December 31, 2022, 20:21 PM

The deputy for Creemos, Erwin Bazán, called on citizens to go to the feet of Christ the Redeemer at 22:00 hours this Saturday, to set up a peaceful vigil and receive 2023 demanding the release of the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho.

asked thes people to go dressed in white carrying candles and torches in order to live a ‘night of light’ where democracy and freedom will be called. He indicated that this measure is part of the permanent mobilizations that will take place in the department of Santa Cruz.

“At midnight we will turn on our lights, we will say a prayer, It will be a family gathering to receive 2023 togetherin love and demanding freedom,” Bazán said.

The call launched by the parliamentarian yesand gave in the presence of other assembly members by the political store We believe.

Erwin Bazán hopes that the Police do not proceed to the gasification of the population that will be concentratedas he did this morning with the self-convened march that reached the front of the departmental Command.

Stop attacking the people of Santa Cruz, all the demonstrations that we call are peaceful. Mr. Police Commander, stop staining the olive green, because if you are going to continue staining the uniform we are going to have to ask you, for the good of the institution, to remove your uniform and put on the blue uniform, because you are not It is there to receive orders from a party, but to safeguard public order and protect the citizenry,” he asserted.

Regarding the state of health of Governor Luis Fernando, the congressman from Santa Cruz said that the first authority suffered a decompensation in the Chonchocoro prisonshowing a deterioration of his health which was not assisted by the doctor who works in the prison.

“24 hours ago we asked Minister Eduardo Del Castillo to allow the governor to leave the prison, to be evacuated to a public clinic or hospital so that he can be administered immunoglobin by specialized doctors,” he said.

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