“They blame everything on the pandemic, when the pandemic is them”: Martinelli on the Government of Cortizo

Yuliza Serracin | January 2, 2023

The former president of the republic, Ricardo Martinelli, reacted this Monday to the speech of the president Laurentino Cortizo in the National Assembly, by rendering the report of the last six months of his government administration.

«They blame everything on the pandemic, when the pandemic is them. They have truly failed in government work,” Martinelli said.

At some point in the report, Cortizo said, regarding the pandemic, that “of the 42 months that have passed since the administration, 34 have been in a pandemic, and that during the last 100 years no other administration has faced such a complex and colossal challenge.” like a pandemic, plus two hurricanes and the consequences of the war in Ukraine.”

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