They beat a traffic inspector when he tried to fine;  the attacker is arrested

They beat a traffic inspector when he tried to fine; the attacker is arrested

A traffic inspector from the Municipality of Montevideo was struck in the face by the passenger of a vehicle this Tuesday afternoon. It was after the official notified the attacker and his companion that I would fine him for being improperly parked with his truck.

happened in Avenida Italia and Presidente Berro, in the Parque Batlle area, close to Tres Cruces (Montevideo). The inspector was treated by an ambulance and then transferred to the State Insurance Bank (BSE) hospital.

The police reported in the first instance after the medical report that the official presents a strong blow to the jaw, which compromises the bones of his faceaccording to information to which he accessed The Observer.

The man (who was accompanying the vehicle in violation) was arrested by the assault and contempt. He is available to the police, in section 9 where his statement was taken.

The Municipality of Montevideo issued a statement in which it repudiated the act of violence. The commune made the complaint together with the witnesses. “The official is being treated at the State Insurance Bank Hospital and will have the support of the institution. Citizens are urged to respect the rules of coexistence.added the official statement.

The attacker’s story

The attacker’s lawyer, Mario González, explained how the situation was, according to his client’s account: “(The man) was working, he went down to deliver an order, his partner was left in the vehicle. When he returned, he found that the inspectors fined His partner was like the one who was driving. He says: no, I’m the driver. Starts an altercation with him where they have an argument. According to the account of my client and his partner, four inspectors came to confront him. They surround him and there is a situation of struggle. We saw injuries and a blow to the head of my client, which is consistent with his version,” the lawyer told telenoche (Channel 4).

Another attack in Tacuarembó

This Tuesday a traffic inspector suffered an attack, this time in Tacuarembó. Two of his colleagues suffered verbal attacks, reported the Association of Municipal Employees and Workers (Adeom). “We stand in solidarity with the colleagues who were attacked and we place ourselves at their orders,” the union said in a statement.

“We return to express total repudiation to this type of aggression, and we once again demand that the Mayors Congress and the Ministry of Labor take up this issue once and for all, in their duty to care for municipal workers and avoid this type of situation to which they are exposed on a daily basis fulfilling his task”, adds the letter.

For these issues, Adeom requested a meeting “of a serious and urgent nature” with the president of the Congress of Mayors, Guillermo López. The meeting’s mission is to raise “great concern over the attacks that have been taking place against traffic inspectors throughout the country,” the text states.

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