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They banned bullfights in the city of Carora


Bullfighting was prohibited in the city of Carora, Lara state.

This was reported by the attorney general of the administration of Nicolás Maduro, Tarek William Saab, through social networks. In his message, he specified that “precautionary animal protection measures were agreed to avoid the torture of fighting bulls.”

The ban responds to a precautionary measure issued by the 23rd Prosecutor’s Office of the Lara state and the Second Court of Control of the entity, for an event of this type that was going to take place in that city.

Campaign against bullfighting

It is noteworthy that this measure is executed after last year the Public Ministry began a campaign to ban bullfighting throughout the country. In addition, other similar events such as state fairs.

One of the most newsworthy cases was that of Táchira. There, the Chavista governor, Freddy Bernal, held the event despite the prosecutor’s warnings.

Another case occurred last year. in Maracay, where Saab announced the banning of the event after describing it as a “public slaughter of six bulls”.

“Given the circulation of posters about the public slaughter of six bulls in Aragua, the Public Ministry dictates a precautionary measure consisting of the suspension of said activity scheduled for December 11 at the Maracay Marriott Hotel. In addition to the removal of all advertising », he wrote on Twitter at the time.

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