They ask to transfer Caleb Rocha to the Granada prison for fear that in "La Modelo" they attempt against his life

They ask to transfer Caleb Rocha to the Granada prison for fear that in “La Modelo” they attempt against his life

Candida Rosa Tercero, mother of Ernest Caleb Rocha Third24, accused of the femicide against his ex-partner Karen Monserrat Blandón Blendrequested before the Second District Criminal Court for Adolescents and Violence in Managua that her son be held in the Granada prison and not in the Jorge Navarro Penitentiary System in Tipitapa.

According to the mother of the alleged femicide, she fears that in “La Modelo”, the other inmates will attempt against the life of Rocha, who was captured on Friday, July 8, in the Honduran border area and presented hours later by the Nicaraguan Police .

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The letter filed by Rocha’s parent states that “due to the serious threats against the integrity of my son, I request that he be transferred to the Granada Penitentiary System”

On the morning of Friday, July 5, Ernesto Caleb Rocha entered the victim’s house, located in the Carlos Fonseca Amador neighborhood, in Managua, and shot her in the neck while she was breastfeeding her six-month-old baby.

“You have to pay in La Modelo,” says the victim’s family

For his part, Roger Zamora, husband of Karen Blandón’s mother, told Article 66 disagree with the request made by the defendant’s mother, “because the crime was committed in Managua and it is here that he must pay, not elsewhere.”

“In La Modelo, Ernesto Caleb Rocha must pay for his crime,” said Zamora, who stated that the loss of Blandón is a “hard blow” that they have not overcome.

Police present author of femicide against the young Karen Blandón. Photo: Article 66 / Official Media

«From that blow one does not recover easily, Karen’s girl cries every night. All that damage that Rocha Tercero caused did not look at him at the time of killing the woman, now they are the consequences that he must pay for what he did, “he added.

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Zamora indicated that today, Friday, July 15, the initial trial hearing against Rocha was held in the Managua courts. The relatives of the victim hope that the full weight of the law will be imposed, since they assure that the defendant never got over the fact that the young woman had ended the relationship due to the mistreatment she suffered for her cause.

Blandón Blend, 21, who joins the growing list of victims of femicide in Nicaragua, was a manicurist and specialized in doing acrylic nail work.

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