They ask the Public Ministry to investigate the disappearance of fishermen

Relatives of the fishermen ask for speed in the investigations of the cases “Santo Amaro II” and “Zorro Viejo”

The relatives of the five fishermen who worked on the “Santo Amaro II” boat, reported missing by the National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (INEA) of Venezuela on May 14, asked the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the case, said this Wednesday Doris Vargas, sister of the ship’s captain.

“We want to make a call to the attorney general of the republic, to take on this case because there are five parents,” explained Vargas, who assured that the families have not heard from the disappeared since they sailed from the port of Las Piedras (northwest). , on May 4.

The Venezuelan vessel, manned by Robinson Vargas, Francy Farías, Carlos Vallejos, Wilfredo Sánchez and José Rojas, was reported missing on May 14, having had no contact with the authorities since May 4, reported the National Maritime Rescue and Security Organization. of Aquatic Spaces (ONSA).

The organization explained that the ship, a naval steel fishing vessel, reported a failure a few hours after setting sail and reported that it would spend the night in a nearby place to make the necessary repairs and continue the journey the next day, hoping to return to land on the 11th. of May.

When he did not return on the date set, the authorities began their search three days later, but, according to Vargas, the investigation was “very vague and there were many questions” that did not obtain an answer from the authorities.

He explained that the relatives made complaints, both in the Coast Guard Command of the area and in the Prosecutor’s Office, and that they are still waiting for the attention of the security forces to clarify the disappearance of the five men.

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“We want speed in the case, because we see that there are many inconveniences, many questions, and it has been 42 days,” Vargas asserted.

Another Venezuelan vessel, named “Old Fox”, which sailed on April 19 from Nueva Esparta, has been missing for 56 days and the relatives of the four occupants denounced the end of the search.

Vicmary Vásquez, sister of one of the disappeared, told Efe that, since May 19, the INEA paralyzed the search and that they have put “obstacles” for independent tracking operations organized and led by the relatives.

Richard Vásquez, Alejandro Salazar, Aníbal Salazar and José Gregorio Salazar are the four crew members of the boat that left for a day of fishing on April 19 from the state of Nueva Esparta (northeast) and 72 hours later lost communication, according to INEA .

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