Piden al presidente la remodelación urgente Mercado Nuevo

They ask the president for the urgent remodeling of Mercado Nuevo

The Association of Wholesalers of Agricultural Products of the Country (Asomapamunu) and the Union of Vendors of the New Market asked the President of the Republic, Louis Abinadermake the necessary investments, which they estimate amounts to about RD$500 millionto improve conditions in the New Markettaking into account that in this collection center about 70% of the national agricultural production is marketed.

During a press conference, Cesar Quezada and Delvis Quezadapresident and secretary general, respectively, of Asomapamunu, said that the New Market represents the livelihood of more than 500 thousand people directly and indirectlyin addition to the fact that it has become the largest social plan in the Dominican Republic due to the good prices of the products that there they are traded.

It is also where most of the country’s tourist centers are supplied, so for its contributions to the nation, the New Market deserves better luck.


They also advocated that adequate conditions be provided so that agricultural wholesalers can make their transfer to the Merca Santo Domingo.

They stated that they are available to seek consensus and the necessary agreements to make it so.

Market sales are “minimally” stable

In recent months, the prices of agricultural products in the New Market of Villas Agrícolas have been maintained, however sales have not have been so significantbut have been minimally stable.

The statement was made yesterday by the president of the Federation of Merchants of the New Market, Michael Minayawho added that sales would be in 45% compared to last year.

He assured that all agricultural products are entering the market regularly, but that the process of inflation, a product of the pandemic and now of the Russia’s war with Ukrainehas had its effect on sales.

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