They ask the Ortega government to support the repatriation of Nicaraguans who have died in the United States.

The Texas Nicaraguan Community organization urged the Ministry of the Interior and the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry “to take action on the matter” regarding support in the search for and repatriation of the bodies of Nicaraguans, who unfortunately have died on the borders of Mexico and the United States. .

The entity reported that the efforts to repatriate the bodies in the city of Texas, United States, “are slow and it is a long and very bureaucratic process, where the Nicaraguan Consulate in Houston, Texas, has to intervene by jurisdiction. Until now, it has been an entity that is not very accessible and not very cooperative with information.”

“Given this as a result that the bodies spend a long time in the morgue, still already identified, due to lack of management by the Nicaraguan authorities,” he highlighted in a publication the NGO.

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Given the shortcomings of the Daniel Ortega administration in supporting Nicaraguan families in finding the repatriation of their deceased relatives, the Texas Nicaraguan Community insisted Migob and the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry “take action on the matter, because there are bodies of Nicaraguans who have disappeared since February of the current year.

Nicaraguan Rio Bravo
One more Nicaraguan drowns in the dangerous waters of the Rio Grande

The agency assured that its work “is humanitarian and under this guideline we have worked on repatriations, without giving it a political connotation in the context of the need for families to have their loved ones who died on the journey to the USA back.”

“You don’t ask what political party they are from? For us, a Nicaraguan family is in need of assistance and that is what matters », she questioned.

Another Nicaraguan dies in search of the “American dream”

The Texas Nicaraguan Community also reported that the Nicaraguan José Antonio García Ramírez was found dead in the morgue in Laredo, who died of submersion in his attempt to cross the unpredictable Rio Grande, the border between Mexico and the United States.

The family of the deceased Nicaraguan had reported to the agency that on May 26 of this year his relative tried to cross the river and since then they have not contacted him again.

The NGO explained that they recommended that the family “raise the report of the disappearance” of José Antonio García at the Migob offices to start the search in the US and yesterday, July 4, the Nicaraguan authorities notified the family that They managed to locate the body of their relative.

Around 30 Nicaraguans have died in the waters of the Rio Grande in recent months. Most flee the country due to the precarious economic situation, government repression or the search for the “American dream”.

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