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They ask the Minister of Finance to resign from Columbia University

They ask the Minister of Finance to resign from Columbia University

After the approval of the tax reform in the Congress of the republicwhich for many will deal a heavy blow to the country’s economy, from Uribismo they asked the Finance Minister Jose Antonio Ocamporesign from his position in the columbia university.

The government official applied for a license from that educational institution, to be able to assume the Treasury portfolio and promote the recent project with which it seeks to raise around 20 billion pesos.

The senator Miguel Uribe considers that Ocampo must stay in Colombia and take responsibility What do you have with the citizens? at a time when a crisis and a recession are looming.

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“I publicly ask the Minister of Finance, José Antonio Ocampo, to renounce his academic commitments at Columbia University, in the United States, because it would not be correct that after imposing a tax reform that will increase unemployment, poverty, inflation and also devaluation, he runs away washing his hands leaving Colombians in an economic crisis,” he said.

Uribe assures that it is Minister Ocampo who can give the markets peace of mind, after the entry into force of the recently approved tax reform.

“Without being the ideal minister, he is the one who reassures the markets and the economy and the irresponsibility of President Petro and his cabinet colleagues,” he added.

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“It is he who must assume the economic crisis that is coming next year and particularly assume the commitments made during the reform to provide legal security and stability. Minister, resign from Columbia University and assume its responsibility before Colombians,” he said.

The finance minister has said that he will not resign his position in the Government of President Gustavo Petro, but some versions indicate that he would have the intention to return soon to his academic work abroad.

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