They ask the Government to monitor working conditions in the works of the Chacao Bridge, after a workers’ strike

The working conditions were reported to the Commission first by the representatives of union No. 1 of the ECAP construction company, who denounced ill-treatment, exhausting shifts and adverse weather conditions, for which they asked to review their working conditions.

As a result of the complaints, the Commission notified the Ministries of Labor and Public Works, so that the portfolios adopt the pertinent measures. “As a member of the Labor Commission, last month we officiated to the Labor Directorate, so that it supervises on the ground the labor and safety conditions in which the hundreds of workers who work daily in the Chacao canal are working,” explained the official. independent deputy Héctor Ulloa.

In turn, the parliamentarian for the area expressed his support for the workers and asked the Executive to make the inspections urgent. “My absolute solidarity for the working conditions in which they carry out their work today, we know that the climatic and alloying conditions are difficult, and for this reason, it is necessary for the State to put all its energy into exhaustively supervising the working conditions in which today they perform”, pointed out the legislator.

It should be noted that, at the beginning of August, the Ministry of Labor confirmed receipt of the letter and responded that it would be the Directorate of Labor who would analyze the request and send the report to respond as soon as possible. This was finalized today. Through the head of the Labor and Social Welfare Seremi, Ángel Cabrera, who went this Wednesday, August 17, to the Chacao Bridge works in Pargua, Calbuco commune, following the request of Union No. 2 of the Chacao Bridge Consortium, who ask that their concerns be heard.

The union leader Claudio Solís, who said that the workers demand the elements of personal protection and safety, as well as an increase in the food of the personnel, stated that the collective negotiations have not been respected by the consortium in charge of the work. “They have failed to comply with a collective contract where there have been mutual agreements between employer and workers, and where these collective negotiations have not been respected,” Solís said, according to what was recorded. Radio DNA.

“This has generated enormous discomfort for the workers, where the cost of living on a daily basis continues to have a high cost, which is why the workers are upset. We cannot continue working in this way in a mega-work”, added the leader.

The workers stressed that the strike will continue until those responsible for the consortium and the government authorities provide solutions to their demands.

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