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MuCi Project is a space for interactive and playful exhibitions on science and art for all ages.

With a modern museum and an avant-garde planetarium unprecedented in America, representatives of the MuCi – Science Museum project, promoted by the Peery Foundation based in California (United States), invite the public to learn more about the initiative. The socialization event of the project will be broadcast live on Friday, April 29, at 7:00 p.m. through www.muci.org/.

After living many years in the country, Dave Peery, current president of the Peery Foundation and co-founder of MuCi, revealed the great affection he feels for Paraguay and its people. Inspired by that affection, he decided to promote a project that positively impacts people. This is how the idea of ​​installing a modern and attractive museum, unique in the American continent, arose.

Soon, the project that was a dream obtained financing with North American and Paraguayan capital. “We have funds from the Peery Foundation (California) earmarked for the museum, and from Paraguayan families who have also pledged to donate. We expect the participation of companies and families of any economic capacity. We seek to boost national philanthropy from every level of society so that this project can be sustainable in the long term,” she emphasized.

In this way, MuCi will be a space with interactive and playful exhibitions on science and art for all ages. Activities will also explore the links between technology, engineering and mathematics.

The objective of this museum is to create opportunities to arouse people’s curiosity, and motivate them to experiment and answer interesting questions that help them to know their own knowledge, while having fun.

Now, with the design concept and more defined objectives, the promoters of MuCi seek to socialize the project with the public through a presentation ceremony, at which time interested parties will be able to hear all the details first-hand.

For more information about the project you can connect via livestreamingentering to muci.org

On MuCi

The Science Museum (MuCi) will offer unique experiences that are not yet available in Paraguay; It will include a high-quality planetarium and make science opportunities accessible, preparing new generations for the future in a changing world. The design of the project is in charge of the Paraguayan architect Luis Ayala.

It will be a space to create community and strengthen the network of actors seeking a better future for Paraguay and the world. It will have fun and amazing exhibits that will help raise awareness of social and environmental issues that affect our world and country. On the other hand, it will encourage tourism and the economic development of the city. A main point of inspiration is the Exploratorium museum in San Francisco (California).

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