They ask that Colombians in Venezuela be treated

They ask that Colombians in Venezuela be treated

“The trade issue is important for us to structure, in relation to the reform of relations, but there are other issues that cannot be abandoned, that cannot be left aside, around attention to ‘Colombianity’ in the territory Venezuelan”, highlighted the president of the Association of Colombians in Venezuela, Juan Carlos Tanus.

During the interview on the show coffee in the morningTanus stressed that it is important that the Colombian State, once relations are reestablished, attend to the segment of the Colombian population that has arrived in Venezuela throughout history, but that has accumulated in the last 20 years in the country, “I think that, in essence, that would be the human factor with which we should start, within the framework of the recognition of consular relations.”

Likewise, he exhorted the Colombian and Venezuelan population, affected by the elimination of the consular service, to sue the Colombian State. “Then, the resumption of relations cannot be seen solely and exclusively in terms of trade, but it is also necessary to recognize what happened in the past with the political decisions that affected the population of both countries.”

He also added that, based on the political decisions of the outgoing Colombian government, the roadmap should be established in relation to the company Monómeros de Venezuela, the issue of the Colombian-Venezuelan border and thus establish the real mechanisms to go far beyond these 4 years of government.

On the other hand, Tanus believes migratory regularization, migratory law, is essential to give continuity to this issue “which has stopped being produced for some time, both expressions for regularization and nationality in the midst of the circumstances we have been experiencing.”

“Colombia and Venezuela must act and speak in order to regularize the Colombian population that is still in Venezuelan territory. I believe that this is the opportune moment in which the Governments, the States, have to act for regularization and in the same way, we are promoting that Colombia modify article 96 of the Constitution of the year 91, so that the right to nationality be valid,” he said.

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