They ask for help for a woman who sleeps with her four children at ATMs in Cusco (VIDEO)

They ask for help for a woman who sleeps with her four children at ATMs in Cusco (VIDEO)

Margarita Vargas is a 35-year-old mother who for almost three months has been looking for an ATM every night in the city of Cusco so that she and her four children, ages 12, 9, 7 and 3, can spend the night.

I have nowhere to wait for them, nowhere to make them eat breakfast, nowhere to make them sleep at least. There is not”, commented to Latina.

The only thing this mother of a family asks for is a roof over her head and that of her four children. She wants a different place than the small space of an ATM where she and her little ones are exposed to cold and constant danger.

“The two settle there and with this I cover them”, he specifies as he shows a pair of old jackets that he places on the floor of the ATM so that his children can sleep.

They ask for help for mom who sleeps in ATMs

“We have to see that nobody comes because three young people also come to sleep. Taking care of the door I can’t even rest. I have to see to my children, I have to see that no one enters”recounts.

According to the morning paper, since the father of her children abandoned her three years ago, she must watch over the little ones. She used to rent a room, but because it was difficult for her to collect the S/400 for the rent, the owner threw them away.

Margarita and her children go out to the streets every day to sell candies and handicrafts in order to survive. “AS/1 for lunch is enough. We are four people at S / 5 the Lord lowers us of the pension, they already know us. AS/5 no longer sell us”.

Despite her difficult situation, the mother of the family only wants to spend a Mother’s Day with her four children. If you wish to collaborate, you can contact 974 537 060.


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