They ask for a political trial for a judge who signed the conditional release of a repressor

They ask for a political trial for a judge who signed the conditional release of a repressor

Those who knew Juan Carlos Rolón say that he left no crime to commit at the ESMA / Photo: AFP.

The Federal Oral Court (TOF) 5 based in CABA ordered this Wednesday the release of ex-marine Juan Carlos Rolón, sentenced to life imprisonment for crimes against humanity committed at the former Navy Mechanics School (ESMA), considering that he fulfilled in prison the necessary time that allows him access to parole.

For Pablo Llonto, lawyer for victims of the ESMA case, the decision was illegal and merits a request for impeachment. “It is a decision in which one of the signing judges, Adriana Palliotti, has a lot to do, it is illegal because they have not complied with Law 27,372, they have to listen to the victims and they have to do it before making a decision on freedom and here They have not done it. This judge comes with many decisions in favor of the genocides, there are objective conditions to request their political trial, “he told Télam.

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Abuser, beater, torturer, murderer of companions and companions, there was no crime that he did not commit.Juan Carlos Rolón was a bit the synthesis of state terrorism and to think that this guy is free worries me not only as an Argentine, a survivor. I am concerned that for my children and for my grandchildren that a genocide before us in the streets. And I’m worried about this immunity from a guy who’s serving a life sentence. It is an affront to the missing comrades, “he told Télam Carlos Muñoz, ESMA survivor.

Grace Loisco-founder of Relatives of the Disappeared and Detained for Political Reasons, was also outraged by the ruling: “It seems that this justice has prizes for those who kept silent and ours urged them not to speak”.


Victor Bastera. collectively and individually: “The Víctor Basterra Association of survivors of the ESMA strongly repudiates the ruling of the Federal Oral Court 5, which grants the genocidal Juan Carlos Rolón, former Head of Intelligence of Task Group 3.3.2 of the Navy Mechanics School, freedom of ambulation, ferocious torturer and necessary participant in the murder, through the methodology of ‘death flights’, of hundreds of companions who were detained and disappeared in the ESMA”.

Norma Cozzi, ESMA survivor: “I deeply repudiate the release of Rolón, who already enjoyed the privilege regime for serving house arrest. I think that the only possible forgiveness is that given by the victims who can no longer give it. The only place for a genocide is the common prison where they must remain until the end of their days.”

Osvaldo Barros, ESMA survivor: “In general there is a process that is taking place regarding releases and home releases that worry about their lack of meaning.”

Ana Testa, ESMA survivor: “Just as in the middle of the macrismo the issue of 2 for 1 one was very important, I have the feeling that something similar is happening, in drops. It is frightening to think that we are going to be able to cross paths with this guy in a bar. We have to push socially a mobilization so that these things do not pass by”.

Daniel Cabezas, son of Thelma Jara de Cabezas, arrested while looking for her son Gustavo (disappeared) and forced to pose in a false interview in Para Ti magazine as part of the military junta’s press campaign: “Let’s hope that the Prosecutor’s Office and the lawsuit succeed in denying the release of Juan C. Rolon, an intelligence officer , torturer, murderer and thief. Appropriator of the assets of the hostages. ´Instructor´ in repressive techniques of many military in Central America”.

The group Pallottines for Memory, Truth and Justice repudiated the decision of the Federal Oral Court (TOF) Number 5 to grant parole to the repressor of the ESMA and Navy officer Juan Carlos Rolón, and affirmed that “the only place for a genocide is the common prison.”

The failure of the controversy

The TOF agreed to the request of Rolón’s private defense that “the release on sworn bond in terms of conditional release of the named, this for having served a time in detention that, if the sentence imposed is eventually confirmed, would allow him access to conditional release, in accordance with the regulations in force at the time of the events,” the court said in its ruling.

The Prosecutor’s Office and the complaint considered instead that it was appropriate “to deny the release that was requested.”

Judges Fernando Canero and Adriana Palliotti recalled that Rolón was acquitted in two cases in which his release was ordered, but “it was not made effective because he was detained in the “Unified ESMA Case”, in which he received life imprisonment for kidnapping, torture and murder, along with other repressors of the dictatorship.

The TOF clarified that Rolón is not in jail but under house arrest, but “he has strictly complied with the established guidelines and obligations” when accessing that benefit, according to the ruling that Télam agreed to.

Regarding the bond, the judges indicated that “we consider his sworn commitment to be sufficient, since Juan Carlos Rolón has remained subject to the law, faithfully fulfilling the obligations duly imposed.”

Likewise, they decided that Rolón must “abstain from attending any public space or act, in particular those related to the de facto government of 1976-1983” and the “ban on leaving the country”, as well as keep him “within the Assistance Program a Persons under electronic surveillance”.

It is not an isolated case

Human rights associations are holding meetings before what they consider to be an outpost of Justice by the trickle to release and provide house arrest to the genocidal without health reasons, but rather ideology.

This is a different technique from the failure of the 2×1, in full macrismo, when society went out to say “up to here” and had to back down.

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