They ask for a new Prosecutor’s Office for the department of Colonia because the current ones are overwhelmed with 2,500 cases “without being able to deal”

According to data, the prosecutors of the department of Colonia are overwhelmed with 2,500 cases “without being able to deal”

The Attorney General’s Office will determine the date of installation of the prosecutor’s offices created, which are four at the national level”, and one of them would be in the department of Colonia, according to the report transmitted by Reisch.

The management of the request for one more prosecutor in the department was carried out jointly by the three deputies: Nibia Reisch (Colorado Party). Nicolás Viera (Broad Front) and Mario Colman (National Party). The deputy indicated that they met a few days ago “with the court prosecutor, Juan Gómez, to request the installation of a Specialized Crime Prosecutor’s Office, as a result of the increase in micro-trafficking in the department” of Colonia.

The Colorado legislator pointed out in the statement that they requested more resources for the existing prosecutors, due to the overflow of work. “The Rosario prosecutor’s office has 754 cases without being able to deal with it due to staff shortages, Carmelo 1,082, while the Colonia prosecutor’s office has 670 cases in which no progress has been made.”

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