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They ask for a man to be imprisoned for smuggling 2 tons of meat

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The woman whose debit card had been emptied (25 million guaranies), Mabel Olmedo, reached an agreement with the fraudster couple (Sergio Lugo and Fabiola Franco Bogarín) who admitted the crime and returned the swindled money.

“They returned the money and I withdrew the complaint. That does not mean that I continue to think that they committed a scam, because nobody returns money that they earned legally, “Olmedo told 730 AM.

The entire process of the scam in question was based (apart from the theft of the card and the PIN) on the identity card stolen from a young man, Antonio Fariña.

The stolen document was used, according to the complaint, for a fraudulent sale of a vehicle, in 2018, by the Lugo-Franco couple. And in January of this 2022, in the sale of a rented vehicle that they would have sold to an unsuspecting citizen, and who later had to return it, as a result of the original owner’s complaint.

The dramatic edge of the case, according to Fariña (who suffered the theft of his identity card) is that he now remains under house arrest despite the arrangement between Mabel Olmedo and her swindlers.

“I have a wife and a one-year-old daughter to support, I ask that they give me outpatient freedom to work and follow the process that I know I will overcome because I did not commit any crime.” Farina stressed.

Meanwhile, the reactions in various spheres agree that it is an injustice that someone who was the victim of the theft of his identity card continues to be attached to the case that is now settled between the victim and the victimizer.

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