They arrested two brothers investigated for a triple murder

They arrested two brothers investigated for a triple murder

Two days ago, the Cicpc-El Llanito arrested two brothers accused of participating in the murder of three men that occurred in March 2020, according to the investigation.

The detainees are registered as Luis Alfonzo Bravo Blanco (40) and Oscar Luis Bravo Blanco (37), members of the Leo Turumo criminal organization.

Apparently this criminal gang came into conflict with another organization from the Turumo neighborhood, El Chorrito sector, La Trampa, Caucaguita, Sucre municipality (Miranda).

Precisely in the aforementioned sector, the Blanco Bravo brothers and others from the Leo Turumo group attacked their rivals, leaving three dead: Alejandro Antonio Orozco (29), Joandry Andrés Ospino Hurtado (26) and Isaac Javier Tavera Vargas (16).

The arrest of the Blanco Bravo brothers occurs as a result of telephone analyzes and interviews with eyewitnesses and reference witnesses of the triple murder.

They presented an arrest warrant requested by the 5th Prosecutor of the Public Ministry, which was approved by the 34th Court of Control of Caracas.

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