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They arrested the criminal who would have shot a non-commissioned officer in Luque

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The National Police arrested yesterday the alleged perpetrator of the shot against non-commissioned officer Bernardo Balmori, who was injured by a shotgun during a procedure on Friday in the city of Luque.

During an operation carried out this Saturday in the Itá Enramada area, Asunción, Elías Manuel Benítez Delgado was arrested.

The capture of this criminal – who has a history of intentional homicide, attempted robbery, resistance, violation of the weapons law and various punishable acts – occurred after an investigative work by the authorities.

Benítez resisted and began an exchange of fire with the security forces, although this time no police officer was injured during the shooting.

After his arrest, the man had to be referred to the Trauma Hospital to receive medical attention due to some superficial injuries he suffered, according to the report.

Elías Manuel Benítez Delgado is accused of being the author of the shot against non-commissioned officer Bernardo Balmori Palma during an operation carried out on Friday in Luque. On that occasion, the uniformed man was wounded by a shotgun blast to the abdomen.

According to the latest medical report, the victim is stable in the intensive care unit of the Rigoberto Caballero Police Hospital, waiting to see how his recovery continues.

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