GNB seized war material from the Mariño Train

They arrested four accused of beheading a policeman

Three men and one woman, allegedly involved in the murder of police officer Ismer Isay Burguillo Ramos, were detained by agents of the Bolivarian National Guard in the Pueblo Nuevo sector, Andrés Bello municipality (San José de Barlovento), Miranda.

The corpse of Burguillo Ramos, with his throat slashed and shot multiple times, was located last Sunday morning in the La Defensa sector of the aforementioned Mirandino municipality.

For this act they arrested Andrés Eduardo Monzón Santana, Deifre Daniel Quintana, Richard Jesús García Ramos and Angeli del Carmen Monzón Morillo.

These people were traveling on three motorcycles which were retained.

The four detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry to be tried as accomplices in the crime of homicide.


Another subject allegedly involved in the murder of the police officer was killed in the Las Delicias sector, Andrés Bello municipality, Miranda.

Agents of the National Anti-extortion and Kidnapping Command (Conas) had a confrontation with members of the Las Delicias criminal group, one of them identified as Freider Martínez, alias El Gago, being killed. The subject had a revolver, Colt brand, serial 3737, caliber 32.

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