They arrested a subject accused of murdering father and son

They arrested a subject accused of murdering father and son

Justo Alí Manrique Castro (46) and his son Aarón Josué Manrique Sojo (9) were killed by blows and blunt objects, an incident that occurred early Saturday morning in the El Guamito sector, Guaicaipuro municipality (Los Teques), Miranda.

Versions obtained from security agencies revealed that the alleged perpetrator of this double homicide is a subject identified as Antonio José Esparragoza Trujillo (20), who along with others was drinking alcoholic beverages in Justo Ali’s home. When the others left, Antonio and Justo started arguing until they came to fists.

Aarón, son of Justo, got into the dispute and was thrown to the floor by a blow that Antonio dealt him. He died on site. Then, the aggressor took a slingshot and hit Justo in various parts of the body until he died. Later, the murderer set the house on fire with the corpses inside.

Neighbors reported the fire which was attended by firefighters who noticed the bodies.

A few hours after the event, agents of the Bolivarian National Guard arrested the alleged perpetrator of the double homicide and handed him over to the Public Ministry.


In another incident, the Cicpc captured two men accused of kidnapping, abusing and murdering a minor under 11 years of age who was subjected by one of the subjects in a warehouse located in Brisas de Palo Alto, Nueva Esperanza sector, Los Teques ( Miranda).

Those arrested for this act are: Luis Alberto Sánchez Rodríguez (39) and Amado Díaz Lugo (69). The latter was the one who subdued the girl by hitting her on the head and took her to a house where Luis Alberto was. The investigations point to Luis Alberto as the person who sexually abused the girl, who was later killed by strangulation, according to the Cicpc.

The subjects were handed over to the Public Ministry.

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