Apresan a primo de Onguito Wa, quien se responsabilizó de accidente donde murió haitiano

They arrest the cousin of Onguito Wa, who was responsible for the accident where the Haitian died

Santo Domingo.- The Public Ministry arrested this Friday the cousin of the urban music singer Elvis Manuel Santos Alcántara, better known as “Onguito Wa”, who lied to the authorities about the circumstances in which an accident that left a deceased person occurred.

The prosecution body executed an arrest warrant against Erick Rafael Peralta Ortega, who claimed responsibility for being the one behind the wheel of the SUV that ran over Elma Avener, a Haitian national, last October.

The Public Ministry will request preventive detention, under charges of perjury and complicity.

The order was executed during the hearing of the process that was held this Friday in the Traffic Court, which was postponed until the next 7th of the current month, for the purpose of the defense presenting new budgets.

Onguito Wa is accused of committing perjury and hindering the investigation by fleeing the scene of the accident and presenting another person as the driver involved, in addition, running over a man of Haitian nationality who died and violating various articles of the traffic law .

Against Onguito Wa, the Public Ministry is requesting coercive measures consisting of preventive detention.

The traffic court postponed until next Wednesday, December 7, the hearing where the request for a measure of coercion against the singer will be heard

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Onguito and Erick are detained in the preventive prison of the Ciudad Nueva Palace of Justice.

The singer had admitted that he does not have a driver’s license. This only has the “learning card”.

It is remembered that after the accident Onguito fled the scene.

On the day of the accident, “Onguito Wa” was traveling in a black Mercedes Benz Jeep, license plate G579341, which collided head-on with the motorcycle on which the victim was traveling. The event occurred around 4:00 in the morning on Duarte Avenue with París, in the National District.

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