They arrest Johnny Portorreal, the one with Rosario's fortune

They arrest Johnny Portorreal, the one with Rosario’s fortune

The National District Prosecutor, Rosalba Ramos, reported on the morning of this Wednesday, June 29, the arrest of Johnny Portorealmain defendant in the alleged fraud to 283 people with the promise of collecting the supposed inheritance of the Rosario family.

Portorreal had been a fugitive since June 2021.

The prosecutor of the National District, Rosalba Ramos, has indicated that the swindled would have put in the hands of Portorreal the sum of at least 16 million pesos to obtain an alleged fortune valued at 13 billion dollars that to date has not been consummated.

To date, Portorreal is the only one of the defendants in this case who was a fugitive from justice. The other two involved in the plot, Miguelina Gómez Santana and Miguel de Oleo Montero, alias Miguelón, were placed under house arrest with the use of electronic shackles.

The accusatory file and, according to the investigations carried out by the Forgery Investigation Department, coordinated by Evelyn García, the modus operandi of the accused included the collection of large sums of money from the victims, ranging from 15,000 to 24,000 pesos. per person, with the ruse of doing the steps for the supposed collection of the false patrimony.

In the instance presented before the court by the Litigation Coordinator of the National District Prosecutor’s Office, the plaintiffs denounced the defendants for having promised them the collection of a millionaire inheritance, presumably amounting to 13 billion euros.

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