They arrest in Maiquetía "Fat Leonard", who caused a great fraud to the US Navy

They arrest in Maiquetía “Fat Leonard”, who caused a great fraud to the US Navy

“Fat Leonard” or “Leonard the Legend” had a supply company that supplied the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet. In order to cut favors and cover up bogus shipments, he bribed officials with expensive food, liquor, and stays at luxury hotels. That put 550 officers and 60 admirals under scrutiny in 2013

The Interpol office in Caracas reported on its social networks on Wednesday, September 21, that the citizen, a Malaysian national, identified as Leonard Glenn Francis, nicknamed “Fat Leonard”, was arrested when he arrived in the country from Cuba after initially leaving from Mexico.

“Fat Leonard” planned to continue traveling to Russia. However, at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, she was detained by officials from the Interpol unit when she was preparing to leave Venezuela; an arrest that was made pursuant to a red notice issued from the United States.

This person is being sought by the US authorities because he escaped from his house arrest after pleading guilty to bribery, after he entertained US Navy officers with money, liquor, expensive food and hotel stays. luxury to have sexual encounters in the year 2013.

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When he made the agreement with the US authorities two years later, he promised not to dispose of 35 million dollars that were earned by him irregularly. Under that plea agreement, Francis paid about $500,000 in bribes to Navy officials. In addition, he put some 60 admirals and 550 officers in trouble for accepting these perquisites.

According to Infobae, “Fat Leonard” escaped from his home in early September after removing the electronic bracelet that controlled his movements. The United States justice, after his escape, offered 40 thousand dollars for any information that led to his capture. His extradition to that country is now expected.

The portal BBC World details that “Fat Leonard” or “Leonard the Legend” was the intellectual author of an extensive bribery scheme that operated through his company, based in Singapore, and that provided services to the Pacific Fleet of the US Navy offering provision of food, water and fuel.

He was said to have used his influence to get commanders to steer their ships — primarily those of the Navy’s Seventh Fleet, the largest of the deployed fleets — to ports he controlled so he could cover up bogus cargo.

He had been under house arrest since 2018 after being hospitalized and treated for kidney cancer and other conditions. The goal was for him to receive medical care at that residence, located in San Diego, California.

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