They arrest a 19-year-old boy allegedly involved in the femicide of a 15-year-old girl who was pregnant

Agents of the National Police and the DIJ managed to apprehend this 19-year-old citizen, who is being linked to the femicide of a minor under 15 years of age with 4 months of pregnancy, who was slit in the sector from Nueva California de Volcán, in the Highlands of Chiriquí.

According to the prosecutor Aris Pitti, this man could be the father of the child of this murdered woman. he was captured by DIJ agents, he was handed over to the authorities of the Public Ministry who had requested his capture.

Apparently this citizen was romantically related to this murdered young teenager.

Operation Samurai

In the middle of the Samurai operation, deployed by agents of the DIJ and the National Police, the apprehension of at least 14 people was achieved, the recovery of some firearms, illicit substances, as well as other indications that are part of the investigations by some crimes that have to do with gangs, the illicit association to commit crimes, robberies and assaults.

These operational actions and raids were carried out in at least 10 districts of the province of Chiriquí, in points previously investigated and reviewed, according to Julio Wong, Executive of the Chiriquí Police Zone.

Wong assured that these operational actions are still being carried out in coordination with the authorities of the Public Ministry and other security forces, so the number of people apprehended related to this Samurai operation could increase.


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