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They arrest 24 Cuban migrants hiding in an apartment in the Bahamas

MIAMI, United States. — The Bahamas police arrested 24 Cuban migrants hidden in an apartment in the city of Freeport, on the island of Grand Bahama.

According to the EFE AgencyAmong the Cubans were 10 men, nine women and five girls, according to Stephen Rolle, chief of the Bahamian police, announced last Saturday.

Law enforcement officers also arrested a person of Mexican nationality who directed the boat that transferred the migrants from the Island.

Previously, the police forces had intercepted two men on Xanadú Beach who were walking towards a boat in which, in addition, there was marijuana.

The Bahamas police chief said that after questioning the two people, the officers went to an apartment complex on Pinta Avenue, South Bahamia. The 24 Cubans were there, all in an irregular situation.

The migrants were arrested and turned over to the Bahamas Immigration Department for the start of deportation proceedings.

According to Stephen Rolle, the investigation into this possible case of human trafficking is still open.

Bahamas continues to deport Cubans

In April, a total of 42 Cuban rafters were intercepted at sea and sent to the Bahamas, from where they were repatriated.

The migrants were in two groups: the first was found on Elbow Cay, belonging to the Abaco Islands, located in the north of the Bahamas, while the others were picked up that same day when they were aboard a boat.

As reported by the Royal Bahamas Defense Force (RBDF, for its acronym in English), the 42 rafters were 35 men and seven women, one of them pregnant. Of the men, one was dehydrated.

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