“They are touching the ear of the Navy”: UDI deputies regret the arrest of sailors accused of the death of a Mapuche community member in Arauco during 2021

The deputies of the Independent Democratic Union (UDI), Juan Manuel Fuenzalida and Sergio Bobadilla, questioned the detention of two sailors from the Talcahuano Naval Base, commenting that “they are touching the ear of the Chilean Navy.”

During this Tuesday, officials from the Investigative Police (PDI) arrested Lieutenant Luis Videla and Corporal Ricardo Seguel, both accused of the death of Yordan Llempi, a Mapuche community member who lost his life under the State of Exception in Arauco in 2021.

Although the parliamentarians claimed to respect the order issued by the Tirúa Guarantee Court, they accused the Prosecutor’s Office of “maintaining unequal treatment between the different parties involved.”

In addition, they indicated that “it is deeply striking how they have acted with such diligence in this case, but to persecute and arrest the narco-terrorists who have attacked Chileans and the Armed Forces, they take months and even years to do so.”

“Of course it is important that all these facts are clarified, but we cannot ignore that the Navy officials defended themselves against the attack of which they were being victims,” ​​they lamented.

“These considerations, apparently, the Public Ministry has not taken into account in this or in other cases. The same diligence and speed with which they acted now have not done so to persecute the narco-terrorists who have burned, looted,” they added. .

Regarding this type of determination, both agreed that “they are touching the ear of the Chilean Navy and, consequently, the rest of the Armed Forces.”

“While terrorist groups dedicate themselves to carrying out daily attacks in the southern zone and the Government remains undaunted in the face of calls for armed resistance, the Prosecutor’s Office decides to request the arrest of two officials who did nothing but defend themselves against the attacks. they received,” they emphasized.

“We have reached that level of contradictions, which seems to us to be of the utmost seriousness,” the parliamentarians concluded.

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