‘They are tight’: telephone survey gives Hernández a slight advantage over Petro in the second round, they have more support from men

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The survey of the National Consulting Center was carried out with more than 1,000 participants (called), in addition to the ‘winner’, it showed that both Petro and Hernández are supported more by men than by women.

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Between Rodolfo Hernández and Gustavo Petro they got almost fifteen million votes on May 29, now they are on their way to the second round, the leader of the Historical Pact looking for two million more to be president and the engineer, looking for four to win; The polls are beginning to move, the CNC gives Hernández as the winner, but there are several more polls on the way.

This survey was carried out for CM& Centro de Noticias.

They ‘prefer’ men

The National Consulting Center, CNC, called 1,200 people to ask them: Who will you vote for in the second round?

  • By Rodolfo: 42% of men and 41% of women surveyed
  • And for Petro, 43% of men and 36% of women would support him

In the case of the strata, this survey showed that the engineer is more supported in high and low strata: 52 and 40 percent, respectively. While Petro, 40 and 39%.

  • The candidate of the Pact is supported by 41% of the middle class respondents, compared to 39% of the former mayor of Bucaramanga.
  • Petro: more support among voters aged 18 to 40. Rodolfo, voters aged 40 and over.

This survey gave a technical tie between the two candidates for president before May 29, this time, although “they are tight”, it gives Hernández an advantage of 0.5% and Petro dropped 1.5%.

By regions

Gustavo Petro won in several departments, Rodolfo Hernández in others, both are ‘fighting’ for the Medellin square and part of Antioquia that ‘Fico’ Gutiérrez won.

In the CNC survey, it indicates by region what the panorama could be:

  • Bogotá «with Petro» by 49%, and 39% for the ‘Engineer’.
  • Antioquia and the coffee zone, 54 percent of those consulted, will support Rodolfo Hernández. But here, 14% “would not vote for any.”
  • Caribbean Region, Petro 48% and Hernández, 33%. This was the vote in the Atlantic.
  • Central-eastern Colombia would vote for Hernandez by a majority, 51%, while Petro would achieve 23%.
  • In the center-south region, Hernández would achieve 46% compared to 34% for Petro.
  • The Pacific Region 57% would lean towards the candidacy of Gustavo Petro, far from 23% of Hernández.

In the case of Cali, which is practically the capital of this area of ​​the country, and where Petro won and Fico came second, 14 out of 100 respondents answered that they would not vote for any of them.

Noticentro CM& paid for this survey, the details and technical sheet can be seen here:

Meanwhile, the two candidates in the race continue their agendas in part for now, private and last details for this second round. They prepare the strategies of the streets, social networks and debates.

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