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They are looking for upright political and public leaders to participate in the training academy

Alma Cívica promotes the first Apolitical Foundation Academy: Public Learners, an academic program that seeks to train courageous, committed political and public leaders who are willing to work for the common good, strengthening their leadership and skills. Interested people have until February 2023 to apply.

According to the AmericasBarometer (2008-2021), the majority of Paraguayans and inhabitants of the region believe that corruption in the public service is widespread and growing. Additionally, approximately one in four citizens in Latin America say that all their country’s politicians are involved in corruption. These data indicate dissatisfactionmistrust and discontent towards state institutions.

In this context, Alma Cívica intends to provide, through the Public Learners Academy, a dynamic and innovative program that seeks to identify, train and accompany future leaders who wish to influence public affairs in Paraguay. Over the course of six months, this academy will provide students with pedagogical knowledge and techniques designed to foster public leadership with national and international experts.

“The main problem of most State institutions is the lack of leaders committed to their vocation of public service, and, on the other hand, there are the people who give themselves to their mission, only that many times they do not have all the tools and the networks to be able to comply effectively and quickly”, reflected Olga Caballero, executive director and co-founder of Alma Cívica.

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He also added that they want to help these people to transform everything that points negatively to political issues and to connect with those who do things well. “Corruption corrodes that which is not strengthened, which does not connect the vocation with the principles, it must be suffocated and left no room. The Public Learners Academy aims to provide tools to the best, to those with a spirit of service, to those who build the country from the common good”, asserted the executive.


Apolitical Foundation Academy: Public Learners will train its participants in theoretical, philosophical and political knowledge, providing them with tools that will allow them to develop as a political leader.

Besides, Students will learn about the country’s political history, democratic and governance concepts, public policy, and practical skills such as personal and transformational leadership. Likewise, they will obtain best practices for a campaign, ethical principles for public service and maintaining integrity in environments of tension and prevailing corruption.

Those interested in participating must fill out a declaration of interest pre-registration form, valid until February 2023 at https://bit.ly/Aprendedores-Publicand in the profiles of the Social Networks of Alma Cívica.

Through this document, people will have the opportunity to access the entire process in advance, as well as participate in exclusive lectures with top-level professionals and learn all the details of cost and class start date.

As of March 2023, the final application will be made, taking into account that places are limited, which will be accompanied at all times by the Alma Cívica team, who will select the people who will finally participate in the Public Learners Academy.

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