They approve a bill on the Montañero Drum and Carreta Festival

The plenary session of the National Assembly approved this Thursday, in second debate, Bill 214, which establishes the Drum and Carreta Mountaineer Festival and creates its patronage.

This initiative was presented by the deputy Julio Mendoza and its objective is to conserve, disseminate and promote folkloric customs and traditions.

On the other hand, with 40 votes in favor, 3 against and 0 abstentions, Bill 868 was approved in the third debate, which modifies Law 37 of 2009, which decentralizes public administration and another provision is issued. The initiative aims to strengthen the municipalities.

The deputies also approved in the second debate Bill 686, which declares the Festival of San Cristóbal de Chepo a national folklore festival. In this way, it seeks to disseminate and promote customs, traditions, the enhancement of the skirt and the montuno chepano.

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